Episode 1: Masked Feminist Avengers!

Welcome to Cunts In Space! A podcast for Queers, Feminists & others who are alienated on Earth.

For our first episode we, Patty, Jack & Casey, searched the galaxies for some of the ace-est feminists of ALL TIME. Yes, we are very proud to bring you interviews with the original masked feminist avengers, Guerilla Girls Käthe Kollwitz and Frida Kahlo PLUS Sal Beard of La Barbe Australia PLUS Rayna Fahey of Radical Cross Stitch Posse PLUS Ana Nicole with Mainlining & Shiny Shiny with Rock Against Homophobic Crap

As deep & delightful as only cunts can be! As unfathomable & seemingly endless as the universe itself! We are: CUNTS IN SPACE!


2 responses to “Episode 1: Masked Feminist Avengers!

  1. I recently found your page and just heard the podcast tonight. It was awesome! Please make another show when you can. Thanks!

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