Episode 1: Masked Feminist Avengers!

Welcome to Cunts In Space! A podcast for Queers, Feminists & others who are alienated on Earth.

For our first episode we, Patty, Jack & Casey, searched the galaxies for some of the ace-est feminists of ALL TIME. Yes, we are very proud to bring you interviews with the original masked feminist avengers, Guerilla Girls K├Ąthe Kollwitz and Frida Kahlo PLUS Sal Beard of La Barbe Australia PLUS Rayna Fahey of Radical Cross Stitch Posse PLUS Ana Nicole with Mainlining & Shiny Shiny with Rock Against Homophobic Crap

As deep & delightful as only cunts can be! As unfathomable & seemingly endless as the universe itself! We are: CUNTS IN SPACE!